Practical Tips On Juggling Several Things Simultaneously

Practical Tips On Juggling Several Things Simultaneously

In a world that is constantly changing, time management seems to be the most frustrating. It is the subject that was not taught to many of us in school. As adults we juggle numerous responsibilities. Thus, in order to be successful we must master the art of multi-tasking. According to Dr. Amit Sood, everyone has the ability to so.

The human brain has the amazing ability to focus on a single conscious experience while attending to various automatic tasks such as eating, writing, and exercising. So how can you prevent burn out? How do you progress towards your business goals quicker? With the right skills you can boost your productivity. Here is how.

1. Be Positive.

Be Positive

Attitude is everything when you are trying to get a job done. Try not to think of all the things you have to get done. Steer clear of making excuses. Instead of seeing the heavy workload you have to complete, tackle the job in small increments. Speak positive words. Tell yourself that you CAN handle the task and WILL get it done.

Make a Plan

2. Make a Plan.

Now that you understand what you need to get done, you will need a plan. How will you get your job done? This all begins with a well-strategized plan.


3. Just Do It.

Just Do It

Is there a task that you are dreading?Perhaps it is writing out that business proposal or doing the laundry. Tackle the tough thing first. Invest whatever amount of time needed. Ignore your emotions that will tell you how much you don’t “feel” like finishing it. Procrastination will always decrease your productivity. If you have a responsibility that you must do that has been rolling around in your mind for a while, just do it!

  Start Easy

4. Start Easy.

Multi-tasking does not have to be difficult and overwhelming. Instead, you can make the process easy. It is usually not a problem to complete a job like it is to begin one. Try breaking down your big project into manageable pieces. This will put you at ease and boost your confidence.


5. Check Your Email On Time.

Check Your Email On Time

According to TimeBack Management president Dan Markovitz, it is not always necessary to respond to every email immediately. There is a chance that the email sender is looking for a predictable response rather than one that is expedient. Keep in mind that when the sender understands how long it will take to gain a response back, they will also understand how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Make a List

6. Make a List.

You may have many things on your plate. For this reason, you need to write a list. Try writing the things you would like to get done that day in longhand. This not only shows your dedication to the task, but also helps you sort out your thoughts. It is difficult to complete projects when you keep a mental ‘to do’ list. Instead, write these things out. While you are at it, include everything according to a specific time deadline. This will help you achieve the deadline given to you with comfort.


7. Learn Your Best Time.

Learn Your Best Time

When are you most alert? Is it in the morning? Are you a late bird? According to Industrial designer Jeff Beene, it is essential to know your most productive time. By working according to this, you will accomplish much more than if you tried at your less energetic time. Try your best to work on your time.



Dr. Amit Sood previously explained the brain’s incredible ability to hold simultaneous thoughts at once. Thus, it is easy to not completely focus on the task at hand. This is where discipline becomes an essential component. You must put all of your mental energy on the job or you may fail at producing quality work. If you struggle with thoughts that pop up, try writing those thoughts down on paper and attend to those ideas later. Avoid surfing on the internet or checking your phone. Avoid multitasking. Focus now so that you can handle those things later.

9. Say NO.

Say NO

If you want to get important tasks done, there is a chance that you will be faced with an opportunity to do something else. People will want you to tackle this job and be present at their meetings while taking their notes. Learn the value of ‘NO’. Instead of being available upon request, practice saying, “I am sorry but my schedule cannot handle another duty” or “I will respond as soon as I check my calendar.” This will eliminate stress on your end.


10. Know Your Limits.

Know Your Limits

While the world encourages the juggle of numerous tasks, this may not be efficient for everyone. Avoid overexerting yourself. You know your limits better than anyone else. Are you feeling burned out? Do you feel pressured? Are you overwhelmed? This may be time to lighten the load. Try not to beat yourself up on those days that you are not hitting every goal on time. Get some rest and try again tomorrow.

Whether you are a college student or a business professional, there are many things to get done. Many people allow the stress to overtake them to the point of burnout. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the heavy load. Implement these tips into your work. You will thank us later.

Remember, multitasking is great but you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Still need online help with creating a business plan? We know, who can help you with that.