The Evolution Of Blogging: Changing Trends

The Evolution Of Blogging: Changing Trends

Blogging as we know it has now come to an end.The way we used to view those who produced long clickable reads will change before your very eyes.This year is all about a new style of blogging which includes so much more than what it used to require.Here are 5 old trends that we must say goodbye to this year:

1. Say Goodbye To Bloggers

Say Goodbye To Bloggers

If you take a look at today’s industry you will see individuals building brands and making a lot of money doing it.These people are establishing businesses without a blog or a website.Advances in technology are making it easy for thousands to create a platform on numerous sites like YouTube and Instagram.These websites allow people to post their thoughts at half the time it would take to produce a blog post.

So instead of bloggers seen as the name entailed, they will berecognized as influencers.This is because many are not only professional custom writers.Bloggers are also excellent image and video content producers.These are the folks we look up to for pop culture and trend information.Large crowds of audiences follow their lives and look up to their diverse abilities.

In this way, many individuals with blogs can utilize their platforms to collaborate with top brands and produce revenue.

2. Say Goodbye To Long Posts

Say Goodbye To Long Posts

According to the new trends of 2016, size matters.Many people rely on websites to generate the information they need.That means there is a large influx of individuals that rampage the internet daily.These are your potential readers.However, if your blog has posts as long as a mini novel, you may scare them off before they begin to read.

Orbit Media Studios recently conducted a survey on over 1000 top bloggers.The marketing website found that the amounts of words do matter.In 2015, the average post had 900 words.The previous year had 10% more.Marketing professional Ann Handley stated that in order to progress in a world filled with information flowing from numerous sources, it is important that you think quality.If you are going for a long post length, allow your content to be useful and inspirational. And don’t forget to use a professional essay proofreading service, it may be really helpful.

This year we will see many websites go for the “Click bait” method.However these blogs will not survive the test of time.Due to efforts from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft websites filled with fluff will be eliminated.For those that are heavily interested in genuine traffic, post length and value will be very important.

3. Say Goodbye To Comments

Say Goodbye To Comments

While comments have been productive in the past few years, the new trend will be to eliminate the comment box all together.This is because content creators usually do not wish to sit around their computers responding to comments all day.In addition to this, most readers do not want to conduct conversations in the comments.

Depending on the platform, blogs will need an active moderator just to manage.It is also known that this privilege has been extended to some of the most ugly, hateful comments.

Commenting is also a pain for those who may not remember their login information.There may be instances where readers forget their password.

For this reason, commenters will carry their conversations to social media.In order to keep up with this trend we recommend you to cite the URL and be careful to share it on your social media.Thus, you can guide commenters to the right place that will be more convenient and less stressful to include their opinions on.

4. Say Goodbye To Poor Graphics

Say Goodbye To Poor Graphics

In 2016 Bloggers will no longer depend on text only.These individuals will also require polished graphic production and images that speak louder than the blog.Social media networks have confirmed this when reporting a higher rate of engagement on an image rather than text-based posts.Just think about how successful websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr have become.

This year top Bloggers will need to be on top of their game.This means the content produced must be of high-resolution images and infographics.Today’s reader is becoming increasingly interested in quality picture posts like that of the popular Tumblr website.

5. Say Goodbye To Low Engagement

Say Goodbye To Low Engagement

Bloggers were once ecstatic about their high traffic.When statistics showed an influx of visitors from all across the globe, bloggers would sell a piece of their blog to advertising ads for an extra buck.These were the old days of blogging.However something new is brewing.

According to recent trends, click bate sites that have long enjoyed massive visitor rates will soon be disappointed.A new metric will encourage authentic audience engagement.How many comments are you receiving on your blog post?Are people sharing your content?Is your post viral?These are the determining components that will help a blog shine bright in the crowd.

So whether you write a travel blog or a product-based website, these are the current trends that you must keep an eye out for. In today’s growing world the old tactics just will not cut it. Implement these new trends into your next blog post to stay current with your readers.